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Oja LA Monolith Gloss Smoking piece

Oja LA

Carved and hand-finished black marble.

Inspired by earthly landscapes and the structures that our civilization has imposed on them, the Monolith is designed to live harmoniously amongst the decor of your dwelling and puts a brutalist touch on your relaxation rituals. Each pipe is carved from marble and crafted with loving hands by Ojala, a family collective based in Southern California. 

Marble Care: 

Your pipe is designed to stand on its base or side while holding your chosen flower in place. Never force your pipe to stand on its mouthpiece or its edges. Never protude the mouthpiece with anything stronger than lips.

Never bash your pipe on a surface stronger than skin in an effort to clean ash from the bowl. Do not boil. 

Clean your pipe after each use with a natural, non-toxic cleanser and gentle abrasives. We find that formula 420 products and Kleen Green Gold work best. Dry thoroughly after cleaning, ensuring water is drained from any air holes. Buff to shine with a clean cloth. 

Oja LA Monolith Gloss Smoking piece - Espiritu
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