Our Story

Espíritu is more than a brand. It is a vision, an aspiration first awakened on a journey through southern México. The heightened sense of connection we felt with the Earth in that defining experience is what gives us purpose and drives us forward.

The products we wear reflect not only our own identity but also our relationship with our environment. And there is no garment that so fundamentally grounds us and represents our connection with the Earth as our footwear.

The Mexican huarache sandal is believed to have origins in the Nahuatl-speaking farming communities of Jalisco, Michoacán, Guanajuato, and Yucatán. While ancient huaraches were made of cotton, the contemporary braided leather strap construction first emerged from Spanish cultural influences. It is upon this craftsmanship that Espíritu shoes are styled.

Every Espíritu shoe is meticulously handmade in Mexico by members of the ancestral communities where the huarache was born. Starting with the highest-quality leathers and vegetable dyes, we have optimized the traditional huarache form with our very own lightweight Crepe rubber soles to set a new standard for comfort.

Your Espíritu soles don’t just join your feet to the ground—they unite your soul with the natural world around you.


Our mission at Espíritu is to create comfortable, multiculturally inspired products that become part of the everyday essence of our customers.

By elevating the form and function of a classic ancestral garment, we aim to expand cultural awareness and empower the wearer to broaden their horizons and grow in spirit.

We aim to inspire love and compassion in our community through our commitment to giving.


ESPIRITU FEELS LIKE… Wise craftsman hands. Rich, supple leather. Soft, elegant footsteps.

ESPIRITU SOUNDS LIKE… Two people speaking different languages yet understanding one another. Mariachi.

ESPIRITU TASTES LIKE… Lemongrass tea on a rainy afternoon while reading 100 Años de Soledad. Agua de Jaimaica while hanging out with friends at Lake Chapala. Chips and guacamole.


  • To be a global shoe and apparel brand
  • To be an innovative pioneer in ancestral footwear design
  • To help preserve the traditional Mexican craft of huaraches
  • To promote cultural and spiritual awareness
  • To foster a great work environment that exposes multicultural art and music
Espiritu Shoes & culture


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