Our Mission


Our mission at Espiritu is to create comfortable, multiculturally inspired products that become part of the everyday essence of our customers.

By elevating the form and function of a classic ancestral garment, we aim to expand cultural awareness and empower the wearer to broaden their horizons and grow in spirit.

We aim to inspire love and compassion in our community through our commitment to giving.

ESPIRITU FEELS LIKE… Wise craftsman hands. Rich, supple leather. Soft, elegant footsteps.

ESPIRITU SOUNDS LIKE… Two people speaking different languages yet understanding one another. Mariachi.

ESPIRITU TASTES LIKE… Lemongrass tea on a rainy afternoon while reading 100 Años de Soledad. Agua de Jaimaica while hanging out with friends at Lake Chapala. Chips and guacamole.