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Sunset Huarache Sandals – Espiritu Women


WOMEN’S – SUNSET Huarache Sandals

Our Sunset Huarache Sandals are the “fiesta” for your feet. The colorful and mixed leather pattern gives you a playful addition making of every outfit a fun time, all the time. Keep your feet happy for longer with this eye-catching huarache sandal.

Following our commitment to sustain the environment, all of our Espiritu products are constructed from organically sourced materials, using genuine leather, vegetable-based dyes, and recycled rubber soles with cushion that molds to your exact feet shape, becoming softer every time you wear them. Providing durability and extra comfort in every step you take.

When you buy one of our pairs, you are supporting more than 240 Mexican families as each huarache is carefully handmade by Native Mexican Artisans.



For huarache sizing we use whole numbers, so we recommend rounding down (i.e. if you’re a 9.5 get a 9).

Our leather and designs are made to stretch and mold around your feet to perfectly hug them for a snug fit. The stretching process on average takes as long as 3 wears, don't forget it's a shoe you need to mold and will be tight at first.

Conversion Shoe Sizes

22 23 24 25
26 27
USA 5 6 7 8 9 10
EUR 36 37 38 39 40 41

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Sarah Davey
Can I please return these?

I tried to return these, but my email bounced back. There’s no customer service person to speak of. I’d like to return these shoes! Although they’re beautifully made, they are slightly too big and aren’t comfortable. Please respond back with how I can move forward with this return. Thanks!!

Rachel S

Broke them in and have worn them as often as possible since. I never want to take them off! SO comfortable and beautiful!

Cassidy Barton
Patience Makes Perfect!

I almost didn't read through the instructions for my new shoes but I am so glad I did! Upon trying them on, they were very snug - almost an automatic nope. Then I read through the tips and wore them with a pair of wet socks for an hour or so. From then on they were no longer uncomfortably snug an soon molded perfectly to my feet! They are seriously the most comfortable pair of shoes - I can (and have) walked miles in them without so much as a blister. I love that they are great with casual clothes but a bit more stylish than just a flip flop. I will absolutely purchase another pair. Great shoes!

Love these shoes!

I love my sunset huaraches! The colors are beautiful and look just like the photos on the website. The fit is great (I’m an 8.5 and I ordered the 9). I did get a few blisters on my heels until they were broken in (I was over ambitious with the walking on the first day I wore them), but it was worth it! Love that they go with everything- jeans, dresses, shoes… they make a basic outfit super cute!


Super comfortable, did not take a long time to break in. Perfect Summer shoes.

Sunset Huarache Sandals – Espiritu Women - Espiritu
Sunset Huarache Sandals – Espiritu Women - Espiritu
Sunset Huarache Sandals – Espiritu Women - Espiritu
Sunset Huarache Sandals – Espiritu Women - Espiritu
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