Maka Clay Pot


Maka is an artisan organization operating out of the village of Mata Ortiz in the state of Chihuahua, Mexico.Mata Ortiz is home to a very special kind of sand, unique and only found in this region in the whole world.Mata Ortiz is a world known town and has only 25 certified artisans that are allowed to work this kind of Clay. Espiritu paired up with Master Artisan Rafael Silveira to bring these beautiful and unique clay pots.100% Handmade100% Artisanal*Cactus not included




3 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ Handmade mini pot.Surprise, surprise!Every piece is handmade and detailed different. By purchasing this product, youre getting a design made just for you!History of the Maka Pot:Mata Ortiz pottery is one of the finest and most innovative ceramics in the world.Led by Juan Quezada, the entire pueblo of Mata Ortiz creates outstanding handmade, coiled pots or ollas, following centuries old methods.Inspired by the Paquime, Casas Grandes ceramics, the potters of Mata Ortiz create contemporary works of art, often incorporating Mimbres designs shared by the Southwest, Native American cultures.By the mid 1970s, Quezada was selling his pottery and teaching family and friends to make it and the pottery was able to penetrate the U.S. markets thanks to efforts by Spencer MacCallum and later Walt Parks along with Mexican traders. By the 1990s, the pottery was being shown in museums and other cultural institutions and sold in fine galleries. The success of the pottery, which is sold for its aesthetic rather than its utilitarian value, has brought the town of Mata Ortiz out of poverty, with most of its population earning income from the industry, directly or indirectly. 

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