The Severus Espíritu Huaraches are handmade using genuine leather for an ingenious construction that gives you an authentic crafted feel. Espiritu huaraches are designed based on our inspiration and love for the southern Mexican culture, talent and unique art.


For huarache sizing we use whole numbers, so we recommend rounding down (i.e. if you’re a 9.5 get a 9).

Our leather and designs are made to stretch and mold around your feet to perfectly hug them for a snug fit. The stretching process in average takes one day.



Severus Espiritu Huarache

The Severus Espiritu huaraches were inspired on the Din Sefirot which refers to Justice. It represents the fearsome powers of divine punishment and wrath in the world. This power is needed to maintain control over the universe. Perfect to guide you through your journey while sporting a fashion forward style and amazing comfort!

Espiritu huaraches are designed to be worn barefoot. Therefore our genuine leathers are dyed using natural-based dyes for a toxin free huarache.

The rubber sole is made of non-slippery, flexible crepé for major comfort and a clean, classy look.

The classic huarache-style threading is handmade using traditional huarache threading equipment and techniques. These ageless techniques and equipment originate from a rural area in the south of Mexico by very talented indigenous artisans.

You can be sure to look fashionable without compromising comfort with Espiritu’s slip-on huarache shoes.

Wear them to work, brunch, nights out, music festivals, and even formal events! Espiritu huarache shoes are designed for you to have a wonderful experience everywhere you go.

Story of the Espiritu Huarache Shoes

Our indigenous origins date back to the 1800s when the Purépecha community developed a shoe they would call “kwarachi”. Purépechas are believed to be the first indigenous community to explore shoe making with leather threading and weaving.

Espiritu is the first company to bring these gems to a world-class quality using only top of the line materials for its construction. Including genuine leather, arch support, cushioning, contemporary designs and color combinations.


E S P I R I T U – C A R E S


Espiritu works with indigenous communities around the world to provide you locally traditional products with a top of the line, world-class quality.

Our purpose is to provide more sustainable jobs in these communities while promoting and sharing their work with the rest of the world.

Espiritu huarache shoes are handmade so you can feel comfort in your feet and soul.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 6 × 6 in

Women's 10, Women's 11, Women's 5, Women's 6, Women's 7, Women's 8, Women's 9




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