Terms of Service

To the terms in the acknowledgement of the order, we will contact you right after we receive your order automatically by our system to acknowledge your order. A mutual agreement is thus entered into by acknowledging your order. Espiritu reserves the right not to deliver in the rare occasion that the stock volume was incorrect at the moment we received your order. If for some reason we are unable to deliver accordingly fast as possible to give you the opportunity to cancel the order. We are not obliged to accept orders for items priced in their respective website postings. Even though we will always try our very best to keep all postings accurate in the Espiritu website, there may be discrepancies from time to time and we won’t be able to fulfill them if they’re priced incorrectly. We can refuse to process and accept any order for any reason or refuse to serve anyone at any point at our best discretion. We won’t be liable to anyone for withdrawing any items from our site whether the item has been sold, removed, screened or edited refusing to process any order or unwinding or suspending any purchase after the process has begun.