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MBFW X Espiritu - Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

MBFW X Espiritu - Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Espiritu featured in Daniela Villa's men collection at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Mexico

Daniela Villa is a Mexican designer who presented her collection at the 2022 Mercedes- Benz Fashion Week in Mexico City. The collection showcased her innovative and unique approach to design, featuring a range of bold colors, intricate patterns, and unexpected textures. One of the standouts features of her collection was the use of shoes from the Mexican brand Espiritu in the male collection.

Daniela Villa

Espiritu is a Mexican footwear brand that is dedicated to creating high-quality, handcrafted shoes using traditional Mexican techniques. The brand works with local artisans and uses sustainable materials to create shoes that are versatile for any occasion. The shoes used in Daniela Villa's collection were a perfect match for her designs, complementing the bold colors and textures while adding a touch of authenticity and cultural significance.


The use of shoes in the male collection was particularly noteworthy, as it highlighted the growing trend of incorporating traditional Mexican craftsmanship into contemporary fashion. The shoes, which featured intricate woven leather techniques considered vernacular of Mexico, added a unique flair to the collection, elevating the overall aesthetic and showcasing the beauty of Mexican culture.

 Fashion Week


 Fashion Week“Macorina Fall 2022” inspirada en Chavela Vargas. 26 de abril 2022. Foto: © Andrea Gama Del Valle.

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