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How to Tell if You Have Authentic Leather Huaraches

Written by Paloma Quevedo - July 21st, 2020   Just like Champagne cannot be labeled Champagne unless it is made from specific grapes in the Champagne region of France, or tequila cannot be labele...

Importance of Good Walking Shoes

Written by Suleth Ortega - July 15th, 2020   The foot is one of the most vital structures in our body. They deserve the best protection; not just any shoe will suffice. Good walking shoes are not ...

How to Take Care of Leather Sandals

Written by Suleth Villeda - June 22, 2020   Huaraches are one of the most delicate and beautiful crafts belonging to the Mexican culture. The best way to honor this antique vocation and the shoemak...
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