The Workshop

The workshop

Our team is composed by some of the finest huarache makers of the region, and we welcome any family who is looking for job opportunities to become a master weaver with us. They earn per-pair done, and they are directed by our meticulous team of expert Artesanos. 

A higher quality of life for our employees, and a higher quality standard in our shoes is the backbone of our company's ethos.

Espiritu  gives artisans the recognition and endowment that keeps the craftsmanship alive


Our Process

Keeping the handmade nature of the shoe, our workshop is divided in 2 stages: the weaving process and the assembly.

The leather weaving process is reserved for the families of the region. Mothers and fathers are payed fairly per-pair woven, creating artisan jobs in the region. After 3 years in business, Espiritu helps over 240 families and counting.

Our workshop consists of 25 in-house artisans that make sure the quality of the shoe can compete with any other shoe in the market.