The Workshop

At Espiritu, we foster a great work environment that preserves the traditional techniques of Mexico, promoting cultural awareness through high quality shoes hand-crafted by Native Mexican artisans that give back to them.


Our Workshop

Alongside our team members in Mexico, we aim on promoting the beauty and craftsmanship of handmade Mexican huaraches. We hold in high esteem the relationship that we have cultivated with Native Mexican Artisans since they are the heart and soul behind our products.

Our team is composed of the finest huarache makers in the region, and we welcome any family who is looking for job opportunities to become a master weaver with us. Espiritu's artisans earn per-pair done and can work from their homes allowing mothers and fathers to care for their children while still receiving a paycheck. They are directed by our meticulous team of in-house expert Artesanos that make sure the quality of the shoe can compete with any other shoe in the market.


A higher quality of life for our employees, and a higher quality standard in our ethically-made shoes is the backbone of our company's ethos.

After 3 years in business and creating artisan jobs in the region, Espiritu has helped over 240 families and counting.

Espiritu gives artisans the recognition and endowment that keeps the craftsmanship alive.



Our Process

  • The first step is cutting our vegetable tanned leather into precise measured pieces. 
  • The leather pieces are then mounted on the shoe last to give each leather huarache sandal the perfect fit.
  • Our shoes are made snug and the sole is made larger to account for stretching. 
  • Then our team of Mexican artisans weave the leather into the final shape of our huaraches 
  • Finally, the soles are attached and the leather is polished for an ending touch. 
  • As noted, our huarache shoes are ethically made and handcrafted by Native Mexican Artisans. 


The Materials

  • Genuine leather helps for painless stretching
  • Cushioned soles for extra comfort
  • Anti-slip, recycled rubber soles that last over 10 years
  • Vegetable-based dyes