Our Story

The Espiritu Story

While traveling in Mexico in 2016, Espiritu Founders' Francisco Alvarez and Oscar Yapor met a group of shoemakers who shared the impacts of fast fashion on traditional crafts.

With fashion companies using cultural products for seasonal styles, the huarache quality became obsolete, and was only available in very low quality with wear issues and slippery soles, which depicted a Mexican style, but not the amazing vernacular engineering of the leather woven footwear.

Wanting to help the local economy, Espiritu started as a business model that advocates for the cultural legacy of Mexico and gives back to the community.

Espiritu offers a huarache made for the 21st century.


The workshop

Our team is composed by some of the finest huarache makers of the region, and we welcome any family who is looking for job opportunities to become a master weaver with us. They earn per-pair done, and they are directed by our meticulous team of expert Artesanos. 

A higher quality of life for our employees, and a higher quality standard in our shoes is the backbone of our company's ethos.

Espiritu  gives artisans the recognition and endowment that keeps the craftsmanship alive


Our Process

Keeping the handmade nature of the shoe, our workshop is divided in 2 stages: the weaving process and the assembly.

The leather weaving process is reserved for the families of the region. Mothers and fathers are payed fairly per-pair woven, creating artisan jobs in the region. After 3 years in business, Espiritu helps over 240 families and counting.

Our workshop consists of 25 in-house artisans that make sure the quality of the shoe can compete with any other shoe in the market. 


Espiritu Quality

Espiritu uses the right shoe lasts to ensure a perfect fit. Our shoes are made snug, so you can mold them into your feet, and achive a one of a kind shape.

With uniform whole sizing, we recommend rounding down if you normally use a half size. The sole is made larger to account for stretching. 



- Genuine leather helps for a painless stretching.

- Cushioned soles for extra comfort*

- Anti-slip, recycled rubber soles that last over 10 years

- Vegetable based dyes


 Our Mission

In Espiritu, we foster a great work environment that preserves the traditional techniques of Mexico, promoting cultural awareness through high quality, handmade products that give back.


Huarache History

The Mexican huarache sandal is believed to have origins in the Nahuatl-speaking farming communities of Jalisco, Michoacan, Guanajuato, and Yucatan. While ancient huaraches were made of cotton, the contemporary braided leather strap construction first emerged from Spanish cultural influences. It is upon this craftsmanship that Espiritu shoes are styled.