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Where to Find the Best Mezcal in Mexico

Mezcal, the smoky translucent elixir that has been distilled in Mexico for centuries, is a spirit that tastes distinctly of Mexico’s land. Here is a list of 3 states that are currently producing th...

Pueblos Magicos to Visit

The Pueblos Magicos (Magic Towns) program is a government funded initiative led by Mexico’s Secretariat of Tourism. It has been a successful attempt at promoting tourism in Mexico’s smaller towns a...

Top Beaches to Visit in Mexico

It’s no secret that Mexico’s coastline boasts an irresistible selection of beautiful beaches, making it a prized travel destination for tourists worldwide. It’s hard to pick a single favorite, so w...

Amazing Places to Take a Hike in Mexico

Mexico has one of the most diverse topographies on the planet. Its colorful lowland jungles, the panoramic deserts, the picturesque mountain ranges, and perfect beaches belonging to this country ma...
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