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Amazing Places to Take a Hike in Mexico

Amazing Places to Take a Hike in Mexico

Mexico has one of the most diverse topographies on the planet. Its colorful lowland jungles, the panoramic deserts, the picturesque mountain ranges, and perfect beaches belonging to this country make it an ideal touristic site. Next time you travel to Mexico, don’t miss out on the amazing views in these extraordinary hiking places. 

Mexico Mountains

Las Barrancas del Cobre 

In Northwest Mexico lies 10,000 square miles of the grandiose Copper Canyon. At 5500 feet in depth, it is even deeper than the Grand Canyon. This destination is mostly wild, rugged, and beautiful scenery . It can be a difficult trail, even for experienced hikers. However, it is definitely a challenge worth taking. This adventurous region can be prone to hot and rainy weather depending on the month, so it is best to visit in November to March. 

Los Tuxtlas Biosphere Reserve

Located in the south of Veracruz state, Los Tuxtlas Biosphere Reserve occupies a vast area of over 155,000 hectares. These lakeside walks to mountainous hike trails are sure to emerge you in the indigenous culture of the area. 

La Huasteca

This national park is located in the state of Nuevo Leon. Here you can find the endemic biodiversity of northeast Mexico, making it the perfect hiking place. As a dry, semi-desert region, it is rich with various species of cacti, yuccas, succulent shrubs, and beautiful trees called huizaches. Small rodents make out the fauna of this mountainous region. 

Nevado de Toluca

This inactive volcano located in the state of Mexico, just a 50-mile drive from Mexico City, is nothing like you've ever imagined. The diverse hiking trails make it easy for everyone to find their perfect way up to the crater of the volcano. There you will find the picture-perfect aquamarine waters of the twin lakes, the Lakes of the Sun and Moon.

Iztaccíhuatl (Ixtacimhuatl)

The beautiful and scenic inactive half of Mexico’s set of twin volcanoes, the neighbouring Popocatépetl erupted in 1994. It is a popular hiking spot among the most experienced and physically capable. The summit can be fatal because of its brutal altitude. So, be careful in this two day hike to Iztaccíhuatl.
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