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Tips for Buying Shoes Online

Tips for Buying Shoes Online

Written by Paloma Quevedo - July 22nd, 2020

Now that the majority of our retail shopping takes place online, our choices when shoe shopping are endless. There is an overwhelming amount of brands, online stores, and Instagram shops that cater to any—and all—of our consumer desires. With so much choice, how do we Goldilocks our way into finding the perfect pair of shoes online? 

When shoe shopping online, there are several measures you can take to ensure that when your shoes arrive in your mailbox, they will be precisely the ones you were hoping for, starting with making sure they are comfortable shoes that actually fit.

You need an accurate measurement of your feet to get it right the first time and not have to deal with the tedious returns process. The last time you measured your feet was probably at a department store with your mom when you were in the 6th grade. Knowing your exact measurements is important because the measurements used to determine shoe size varies among brands. The size 8 for a particular pair of sneakers might not be the same size 8 of the sneakers you are currently using. 

You can get your measurement by tracing both feet (yes, both! One foot is always larger, and you want to use the measurement of the largest one) on a sheet of paper. Use a ruler or a ruler app on your phone to measure your foot’s length (top of the large toe to outside of your heel) and width (outside of large toe to outside of small toe) in centimeters. Each online shoe site has a size guide where you can see the exact measurements of their sizing. When looking for comfortable shoes, getting the size exactly right is crucial for the comfortable element 

When shoe shopping online, you want to order your shoes from a reputable online store to ensure that you are getting quality shoes as well as quality service in case something goes wrong with your order.

A reputable online store has customer reviews and comments for their products. When looking at a specific shoe, make sure to read the comments left by other customers, and take them into consideration. For example, if some reviews say that the shoe runs large or small, consider going up or down half a size. When picking between two pairs, look at the reviews and let them help you weigh out the pros and cons of each shoe. 

A reputable online retailer will also provide large, detailed images of their shoes; this way, the customer can see the product as if they were physically shopping for it. However, don’t rely solely on looking at the images. Read through the “details” provided about the shoes. For example, the shoe might seem like a starchy white because of the lighting in the photograph, but the colors listed are beige and cream. The same goes for the material; the product might look like leather shoes in the photo, but the materials listed are all synthetic. 

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The accessibility and effortlessness of shopping online make it easy to over-shop or not buy the products that you genuinely need. Before embarking on your online shoe shopping journey, make sure to create guidelines for yourself to find your perfect fit. Begin by asking yourself these questions: —What needs do I wish to fulfill with this pair of shoes? For example, do I need running shoes, comfortable shoes for work, a pair of low heels for a wedding? 

  • What shoe colors go well with the clothes I already have in my closet? The lime-green, square-toe heels might be cute, but how many outfits will you be able to pair them with.
  • What materials am I looking for? If you are looking for leather shoes or a specific, sturdy material, don’t compromise your standards when you find something “similar” to the real thing. 
  • How much money am I able to invest in this pair of shoes? You always get what you pay for, so make sure not to spend the least amount of money possible. If you’re looking for authentic leather shoes, a low price may mean that they aren’t as authentic as they say. Set a spending limit for yourself and stick to it. 

 Shoes are what carry you from place to place, and they either make an outfit or break it, shoe shopping is an investment in yourself. These tips and guidelines will make it easier to narrow down the search when looking for the perfect pair of shoes for your needs.

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