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Selva Classics - Men - US


MEN’S – Selva Classic Huarache Sandal

Start your adventure with the Selva Huarache Sandals. Its army green hue, woven, leather makes it a fresh and modern piece. Dry is strong, bold, and impeccably made. The cushion sole makes it ready to accompany you wherever your feet take you.

Following our commitment to sustain the environment, all of our Espiritu products are constructed from organically sourced materials, using genuine leather, vegetable-based dyes, and recycled rubber soles with cushion that molds to your exact feet shape, becoming softer every time you wear them. Providing durability and extra comfort in every step you take.

When you buy one of our pairs, you are supporting more than 240 Mexican families as each huarache is carefully handmade by Native Mexican Artisans.



For huarache sizing we use whole numbers, so we recommend rounding down (i.e. if you’re a 9.5 get a 9).

Our leather and designs are made to stretch and mold around your feet to perfectly hug them for a snug fit. 

 Conversion Shoe Sizes

MX 25 26 27 28 29 30 31
USA 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
EUR 40 41 42 43 44 45 46

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Cameron M
Love these so much!

Cozy, comfortable, and stylish. I work
From home and wear these around the house during the day. Comfortable enough to take a quick walk around the block when I need to stretch my legs or go run a quick errand.

I normally wear a size 10. I ordered a 10 but they were definitely too big. I sent them back for a 9. Much better fit! Exchange was easy and customer service was prompt and friendly. 9 felt snug at first but after wearing them a few times and letting them form to foot, they feel great!

Would recommend and buy again!

Tommy Hans

Love them

Smaller sizes please!

Not every person with smaller feet wants womens huaraches! These should be offered in smaller sizes

Martin Lu
Smaller sizes needed

These shoes look great as for the comfortability I am not sure yet as theses huaraches barely fit my feet. I usually wear a size 8.5 so I got a size 8. They are about a size to big on me. Make more smaller sizes as I’m sure lots of women would have the same problem

Staci Davis

I bought them for my boyfriend and he absolutely loves them! He even wears them with socks! I’m definitely purchasing some for myself in the next couple months for spring!

Selva Classics - Men - US - Espiritu
Selva Classics - Men - US - Espiritu
Selva Classics - Men - US - Espiritu
Selva Classics - Men - US - Espiritu
Selva Classics - Men - US - Espiritu
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