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Unusual Mexican Food to Try When You Visit

Unusual Mexican Food to Try When You Visit

Written by Suleth Villeda


Mexico is known for having one of the most distinguishable, delicious, and beautiful cuisines in the whole world. However, exoctic is another word used to describe it. Caterpillars, criquets, earthworms, ants, tongue, sesos (cowbrains), and tripas (guts) are just a few of the unusual ingredients present in many mexican dishes. Yet, the way in which they are prepared leaves you completely enchanted with its mouth watering flavor, that you’ll forget what you are eating. 

Because the country is home to the world’s largest variety of edible insects, they have been a popular protein in Mexico since the Aztecs. It is no surprise to find ants or small chapulines in guacamole,tacos, salsas, beverages, etc. Here are a few unusual Mexican foods you have to try on your next trip to Mexico. Trust us, it's worth it!



In case you didn’t know what these are, they are ant egg sacs that look like tender white plump, shiny risotto. They are mild and pleasant to eat. Escamoles are often pan-fried with butter and spices served in tacos, alone, or in omelettes; like in the restaurant El Cardenal, a local family favorite for weekend breakfast. It is a tasty, and memorable, indigineous mexican dish. 


One of Mexico CIty’s most acquired tastes is this drink made from fermented agave sap. Thick, slimy, stringy, and available in a variety of flavors. Pulque tastes a little like kombucha. The Roma neighborhood’s bar, the Pulqueria Insurgentes, is dedicated to this boozy beverage. 

Mosquito Eggs

Resembling chia seeds, except lighter and tinder, mosquito eggs are sometimes referred to as the Mexican caviar. They are an expensive delicacy and a star ingredient in many upscale bars and restaurants, like the Restaurante Bar Chon. You can’t miss trying these next time you travel to Mexico. 

Eyeball Tacos 

Cow eyeball tacos are typical at many streetside taco stands in parts of Mexico City. It is chopped and has the texture/flavor of a tongue. If you add salsa, onion, cilantro, and other condiments, it will turn into another tasty taco. 

Gusanos de Maguey 

Try these tasty, hearty caterpillars, found on the agave plants and their leaves, on a tortilla with guacamole and salsa. Restaurante Bar Chon specializes in pre-Hispanic dishes, a perfect place to enjoy these appetizing gusanos. Nonetheless, these are also served at high-end restaurants. They are yet another exquisite dish that forms the mexican gastronomy. You simply can not miss them next time you travel to Mexico. 



An explosion of crunchy consistency and flavor, chapulines are grasshoppers served in multiple high-end restaurants. They are a pre-hispanic, traditional mexican dish incredibly high in protein, nutritious, and eco-friendly , greatly differentiating from red meats. Whether you serve them in tacos, dipped in gold, fried, roasted, etc., you are sure to enjoy them. Just give it a try!

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