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5 Spots to Enjoy Elotes in Mexico

5 Spots to Enjoy Elotes in Mexico

Written by Suleth Villeda


Being a delicious international staple crop, corn has always been extremely sought after. One of the best places to enjoy elotes is Mexico; as it is one of the most important crops in the country. So while travelling to Mexico, make sure to pass by these 5 spots. Trust us, Mexicans know how to prepare corn. 

Molino El Pujol

This minimalistic funny tortilleria just might be the most popular spot on the list, sharing owner with one of the most famous high-end restaurants in the city, Pujol. It is located in the beautiful and trendy Condesa neighborhood. Molino El Pujol mainly focuses on making masa, tortillas, and a few, small corn-based dishes, such as tamales, quesadillas, atole, and corn on the cob completely covered with a smoky/salty chicatana ant mayonnaise. You can also buy seasonal produce, like tomatoes, beans, and freshly made salsa. 

Molino El Pujol


Expendio de Maíz Sin Nombre

In the heart of the colonia Roma is located a discrete, yet, fan favorite spot where amazing elotes is an understatement. Their  focus is on getting the best ingredients from the markets and from the state of Guerrero, where one of the owners has a farm and gets his culinary inspiration from. The best part is that there is no menu available, so you won’t have to decide on just one delicious dish. As soon as you sit down you’ll be asked about your food preferences and allergies, and food won’t stop coming to your table until you are completely full. Different corn strains arrive weekly, then turned into the cutest and freshest pig-shaped tortillas you’ve ever seen, among other delicacies. Expendio de Maíz Sin Nombre exceptionally portrays the beauty and delicacy of mexican dishes.

Expendio de Maiz 

Maíz de Cacao

Focused on corn and the cuisine from the Huasteca region, an area in the middle of the country by Veracruz, Tamaulipas, and San Luis Potosi, Maiz de Cacao is a fairly new restaurant located in the Roma neighborhood. Their menu is rich in entrees, main dishes, drinks, desserts, and seasonal dishes. The huge Zacahuil tamal made with corn chunks, whole pieces of chicken, pork, tomatoes, herbs, wrapped in banana leaves is an incredible plate commonly served on the Day of the Dead. All worth trying on your next travel to Mexico. 

Tamales Madre

This beautiful embellished place, located in the trendy Juarez neighborhood, focuses on a mexican delicacy known as the tamal. Mole and plantain, tomatillo and chicken, vegan or vegetarian, sweet or savory, steamed in banana leaf or corn husk, all possibilities that will fill your palate with some of the finest flavors in mexican cuisine. The short menu will allow you to taste all of the flavors in just one sitting with a couple of hungry friends. Experience one of the dishes that proudly form the mexican cuisine. 


With close ties to Nico’s, a very famous and traditional Mexican restaurant, this little workshop/warehouse is far from any of the famous tourist areas. They  work closely with many different producers from around the country as well as famous chefs and restaurants. You can book a workshop where you’ll learn about nixtamal and the different corn varieties they use in house. You won’t regret visiting Maizajo next time you travel to Mexico.



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