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3 Things That'll Make You Fall in Love with Espiritu Huaraches

3 Things That'll Make You Fall in Love with Espiritu Huaraches

Written by Suleth Villeda on July 29, 2020 


Huaraches are one of the most complex and beautiful footwear to have ever been designed. These ancient sandals have been evolving since the prehistoric times in which they were fabricated. However, not every store sells you the authentic huarache design. Espiritu Huaraches , without a doubt, genuinely praises the true nature and culture of these sandals. Simply by giving these three reasons, you are sure to come closer to falling in love with Espiritu, just as myself and many others already have. 


Comfortable Glamour


Comfortable Glamour 

If you are seeking to attract attention with a bold yet simple style,  Espiritu huaraches are for you.  The extensive variety of color used to make the sandals are but a small part of what makes the shoes so dazzling. Even if you were to choose a nude and more natural looking color, the detailed design of the shoe is sure to catch some eyes. When you wear Espiritu huaraches, you are not just wearing a shoe, you are wearing a piece of art perfectly coordinated. You are wearing thousands of years of evolution yet preservation of an intricate ancient design belonging to the beautiful Mexican culture. The colors, rather it is bright blue, sparkling silver, calming white, or a perfect mix of multiple colors,  it harmonizes perfectly with the style.  Not only is the huarache a stunning design, comfort is another defining characteristic. The leather stretches and molds around your feet to make a perfect fit. Beautifully glamorous comfort is what you will be receiving if you wear one of Espiritu’s designs. 


Huarache Sandals


Uniquely Beautiful and Special

These huaraches were created in a vision to connect your soul with the energy in your huarache soles. As Oscar Yapor, one of Espiritu’s CEOs, highlights, “that is why our shoes are handmade with heart and mirror the authenticity and fundamentals of culture and nature. The heart of Espiritu can be easily seen  in every pair of sandals. Their attention to detail is just too precise to miss. Espiritu huaraches are created with top of the line material. Genuine leather, triple cushioning, arch support, crepe soles, and vegetable based dyes are used to hand make the huaraches. The unparalleled quality of these sandals leads to beautifully organic and raw styles and colors; a design that connects you to the culture and to the artisans who made your pair. 


Ethically Supportive 

In my opinion, what made me most fall in love with Espiritu Huaraches is its ideals. One of the ultimate goals of the owners of Espiritu is, as CEO, Frank Ferrer, says, “ to promote the arts and culture of fair trade paid artisanal communities at a top- quality level across the world”. Because of this noble goal, this company focuses on paying their highly skilled artisans fair trade wages. The world continues to suffer every day because of the fast-fashion industry, since it is once of the biggest contributors to global pollution. Sadly, the people who suffer the most from this  production are those who already lacked the crucial necessities of life. As people continue to buy from fast-fashion companies, they contaminate these peoples’ only drinking water sources causing crucial health problems. Not to mention, fast-fashion exploits the workers making the products, giving them low wages and horrible working conditions; often these workers are children. So how could one continue to turn away from the impact they are creating by supporting these brands? Wouldn’t it be better to support those brands that actually acknowledge the importance of the artisan? Espiritu does just that by helping over 240 families in Michoacan, Mexico. Buying ethically made products is one of the easiest ways to improve the condition of thousands of families and the environment. As it promotes fair trade, Espiritu also promotes the beauty of embracing cultures and diversity. Nonetheless, in order for you to truly fall in love with the Espiritu huarache, you must try them on yourself.
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