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The Sandals of Summer

The Sandals of Summer

Written by Paloma Quevedo on August 4th, 2020 

Choice of footwear plays a huge role in anyone’s hot-weather carefree attitude for their summer outfits. No one wants to spend their summer in the sweltering heat wearing summer shoes that make 100 degrees feel like 120 or constantly looking sloppy with rubber sandals that sacrifice style for sweat relief. 

The huarache sandal is the happy medium between the two alternatives giving you all types of comfy-chic vibes and fulfilling all of your summer outfit needs. 


Summer Sandals

Pool Party

Summertime is the best time for casual day parties—pool or no pool—pair your huaraches with your favorite pair of cut-off jean shorts, a cropped tank, and a pair of medium gold hoops for a hint of glam. You can comfortably walk your way to the party and back home—so you don’t drink and drive!—and still look perfectly put together. 

Beach Day

Bring your huaraches along for sunny beach days. You won’t need anything but your favorite string bikini, a bucket hat, and your huarache sandals for a walk along the water. They’re water-resistant so you can occasionally dip your feet in the water, and flexible enough for a friendly game of volleyball with friends—you don’t have to worry about them flying off when you spike the ball over the net.

Rooftop Cocktail Hour

You can wear your huarache sandals straight from your cubicle to an after-work cocktail hour on a breezy rooftop. Slip out of your dressy trousers and into tight, black pedal pushers, a slinky cowl neck top, and a tiny baguette shoulder purse for some 90s nostalgia—but no need to change out of your huaraches. Your huarache sandals give this summer outfit the easy causal edge it needs. An added plus to these summer shoes is the huaraches are comfy enough to jump and twirl in in-case it turns into a dance party. 

Music Festivals

Summers are for music festivals, and huarache sandals are the perfect festival companions. They cover your feet enough to keep them from getting full of dirt and muck but have just enough openings between the woven leather to allow for airflow and keep you cool as you wait under the sun for your favorite band to start playing. You can walk and dance comfortably all day on the sole that is perfectly molded around your feet. The huarache completes your boho festival look—pair them with a flower-patterned head scarf and a white frock dress to evoke Vanessa Hudgens Coachella vibes. 

Lunch/Brunch Dates

Summer lunch dates are the perfect time to bust out your most romantic, brightly colored, flowy dresses. Match your summer dress with a pair of huaraches and you’ll look polished enough to sit at an elegant café sipping an Aperol spritz, but casual enough to walk around and explore the neighboring shops when you finish your meal. 

Jet-setting or Back-packing 

It’s always easier to pack for summer—clothes are lightweight, you don’t need any extra jackets or chunky sweaters. Huarache sandals make your carry-on even lighter. Because the huarache is so versatile you can pair it to all of your outfit changes, you can dress them up or down, wear them inside or outside. You may only need to pack one extra pair of heels if you’re going to a black tie summer wedding—otherwise, wear your huaraches on the plane to add more room for clothes in your luggage. The huaraches will care for your feet as you transfer from planes to trains and discover new sights on your summer vacation.

Whatever you do this summer do it comfortably—but make it chic with the perfect summer shoes. Huarache sandals make every summer outfit intentionally effortless while maintaining a polished flair. Make your summer outfits memorable—in a sea of dad sneakers and rubber Birkenstocks, catch everyone’s eye in a pair of huarache sandals.
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