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How To Wear Pastel Colors Correctly

How To Wear Pastel Colors Correctly

Written by Carmenlucía Acosta on August 8th, 2020

Pastel Huarache Sandals

Oftentimes, people avoid wearing pastel clothing due to the popular fear of looking like a colorful, Easter egg, fiasco. Even though pastel colors are tricky to pair, if done correctly, they can elevate and freshen up any outfit. They should not scare you, but in case they do, we got you covered with these few tips and tricks that will hopefully motivate you to dare wear these year-round trending colors, as they are playful, bright, and chic. 


  1. Head-To-Toe
Pastel Outfits

Top: Celebrities, Karlie Kloss, Jessica Alba, and Zendaya, spotted wearing monochrome baby blue, light pink, and mint pastel looks. 

Pastel colors pair perfectly with each other. Whether you opt for a monochrome look or intertwine between different pastel tones, you will never go wrong with a head-to-toe pastel look. Yes, by head-to-toe we also mean wearing pastel shoes and accessories. Although you can always opt for gold or silver jewelry and a neutral shoe if you feel more comfortable. We personally recommend these pastel leather huaraches to match the overall pastel vibe.

  1. Neutral Palette

If you are aiming for a look that is sophisticated and elegant, pair pastel clothing with neutral tones. Doing this will balance your total look. An easy example can be wearing beige trousers with any pastel top or blazer, keeping it elegant with a touch of playfulness. 

Below: A simple example of pairing a white top with any pastel color pant, instantly elevating the total look. Image downloaded from Pinterest. 
Pastel Outfits

  1. Vary Between Shades
Pastel Clothing

Above: Photo collage showcasing different, monochrome, shade variations. Images downloaded from Pinterest. 

Do not be afraid to mix between the same color shades. Pastel clothing is not limited to only pastel shades. In fact, if you add a darker shade of the same pastel color, you will achieve an effortless monochrome total look. This can be simply achieved by sliding into any pastel shoes while wearing the same color clothing pieces. A few shades lighter or darker, of course. Doing this will also help you contrast between hues, making your outfit appealing and pleasant to the eye. 


  1. Animal Print

From leopard to zebra and most recently cow, animal print is fierce, bold, and edgy. There is no doubt that it is a huge fashion current trend, but will it look good if paired with trending colors


Doing this can seem risky and a little-too-much to some but you can always start by complementing your pastel look with an animal print accessory. Once you feel comfortable, throw an animal print jacket or pant over your pastel dress or top and watch your style give a  360 turn. For the better, obviously.  

Pastel Print Clothing

Above: Photo collage of pastel pairings with animal print clothing and accessories. Images downloaded from Pinterest. 


  1. Add Sneakers

If you’re looking for a comfortable, fresh, and laid-back look pair your pastel clothes with white sneakers. They will most definitely give you an urban and cool feel while adding comfort. Sneakers can dress-down any outfit without making it dull or unfashionable. You can never go wrong with a pair of white sneakers, never. 

Pastel Outfits

Above: Fashion influencers, Sofia Coelho (ig:sofiamcoelho) and Ines Silva (ig: irisloveunicorns), rocking white sneakers with pastel clothing. 

Although pastels are almost always thought of as colors worn in spring and summer. This wide range of soft hues are not exclusive to a particular season. As this article suggests, pastel clothing can be worn in Fall too! Now that you have all these tips and tricks under your sleeve, you are more than ready to start incorporating pastel colors into your everyday wear. Not only will they brighten up your day, but they will cheer others too!
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