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Sandals for Men: Footwear Do's and Don’ts

Sandals for Men: Footwear Do's and Don’ts

Written by Paloma Quevedo on August 19, 2020


The year is 2020, and it’s officially time that we all accept the fact that huaraches are an essential men’s shoe and a must in any dude’s wardrobe. Sandals have always been a territory that most men have shied away from—nervous about drawing too much attention to their feet and unsure how to pair them with their outfits. As a society, we have thankfully evolved to the point where men can fashionably enjoy the comfort and convenience of a pair of huaraches. Here are a few do’s and don'ts for the dudes out there who want to dip their feet into the huarache trend without inducing any eye-rolls. 

Men Sandal Fashion


DO make sure to polish your feet before wearing huaraches. Traditional Mexican sandals have openings that display parts of the heel, toes, and ankles. If you can get a professional pedicure once in a while to make sure that your feet are smooth and sparkly clean—do it! If those pedicures are out of the question, you can use a pumice stone in the shower to smooth out calloused heels and ankles and follow up with a rich cream to moisturize your feet. Men’s shoes don’t usually require you to put your feet on display, so before you wear your huaraches, remember to cut toenails and use cuticle cream on each toe. Having clean and polished feet will make you feel more confident when wearing your huaraches out in public, and any eyes that wander down there will be pleasantly surprised.

DO dress up your huaraches. Just because huaraches are typically considered leisure footwear, doesn’t mean you can’t dress them up with a more formal look. Huaraches are a chic shoe to pair with a groovy button-up and form-fitting jeans or khakis—you can even kick it up a notch with a lightweight linen blazer for a formal daytime event in the summer. 

DO dress down your huaraches. Huaraches are in their natural habitat when paired with a pair of shorts and a simple t-shirt. Laidback, loose-fitting, summer clothes look comfy and classic if you wrap up the look with a pair of Mexican sandals. But don’t limit your comfy options, huaraches were built for comfort so they can work well even with the epitome of leisurewear—tank tops and sweatpants.

DO pair your huaraches with socks. If it’s not too hot and you want an extra layer of coverage for your feet, pick a pair of clean, matching socks to wear with your huaraches. Socks with sandals are officially in; celebrity hunks from around the world are now wearing them out and abouteven Vogue says they’re fashion-approved! Have fun with it, pick a pair of socks with an intricate print or bright colors; but remember to balance it out, if a lot is going on in the socks department then try to keep it neutral up top. 

DO accessorize your huaraches. Jewelry is a personal touch to any outfit; it’s a small stamp that subtly hints at who you are and what you’re about. A small pendant on a necklace can reveal a lover’s name or a class ring on a pinky can reveal your alma mater—take this into account when accessorizing your feet with an anklet. Mexican sandals can be glamorized with a thin gold anklet; you can even repurpose a handmade bracelet that someone gave you into an anklet to give your huaraches a simple touch. Anklets aren’t just for women, you know. 

DON’T overthink it. Huaraches fall under the sandal category, which by nature, is an IDGAF category. At the end of the day, take these tips into account—or don’t. Part of the appeal of huaraches is that they are a malleable kind of men’s shoe that can be shaped to fit your style and needs. Comfort should be smooth and effortless, so don’t overthink how you wear your huaraches or where you wear them—if it feels right, just slip them on.
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