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Staycation Activities With Their Outfits

Staycation Activities With Their Outfits

This year, whether we liked it or not, we all had to get comfortable with the word staycation. Due to covid-related financial and medical issues and with all of the ongoing travel restrictions across the globe, people have been making the most of their time off from work by bringing the vacation to themselves and thinking of creative staycation activities

No need for plane tickets, car rentals, or check-in and check-out dates—staycationing doesn’t have to be dull. Use your staycation as a way to decompress and have fun while also busting out all of the outfit ideas you’ve been dying to wear for the past few months. 

Whatever your staycation style, here are some easy, breezy staycation outfit ideas to go along with each one of your staycation activities.  


Day Hike and Picnic 

Every city has a wide outdoor area where you can set up a big blanket and enjoy a relaxing picnic. Find a secluded area and bring along a basket or backpack with a few finger sandwiches, cut fruit, and maybe some plastic wine glasses to sip some rose. Make it an adventure by finding an outdoor spot that you have to hike to—up a mountain or down a long trail. Make sure to gear up with your favorite huarache sandals and exercise set to make the long hike a comfortable one, then comfortably lie down on your blanket to eat. 


Winery Day

Most cities have a winery or two on the outskirts of town. Visiting wineries is one of the more popular staycation activities because they offer seclusion outside of the city life. Organize a day trip with a significant other or group of friends to visit wineries, enjoy some wine tasting tours, and wear a romantic staycation outfit.

Slip on a pair of huarache sandals to beat the heat and comfortably sip wine as you walk around the vineyards. The huarache sandals will pair well with any flowy prairie dress and make you look dreamy as you walk down the vineyards as the sun sets. 


Museum Day

Some cities have more museums than others, but most downtown areas have a couple of gem museums that are well worth their price of admission. Go with your best friend and bond over magical Renaissance paintings or discover new things together at a science museum. 

As a new patron of the arts, make sure to play the part with a fashion-forward staycation outfit sporting bright colors and chic silhouettes. Wear a neutral-colored pair of huarache sandals with long, straight-leg trousers; complete this look with a silk blouse with shoulder pads and a unique and vivid print. 


One Night Getaway

Organize a night stay at a chic hotel in your city—on that you’ve always wanted to check out. Get a room with two queen beds and split the cost with a few friends. Extra points for a hotel with a big pool and a yummy restaurant to make it feel like you’re on a real vacation. Make sure to pack your huarache sandals and pair them with a tiny bikini for walking from the pool to the pool bar—and back. For a special girl’s night dinner at the hotel restaurant, keep your huaraches on and slip on a knee-length cowl neck dress for a fun and sexy look.


Game Night

Entertaining is a great way to get out of your regular routine. Host a big dinner and game night for your friends and family. Cook the dinner yourself or have everyone bring something to share. Pop open a few bottles of champagne and get the party games going for a long night of fun. Wear a satin caftan dress to look comfortably chic as you run around in your huarache sandals filling people’s glasses and playing charades.


Rent a Bike

Riding a bike is a great way to see your city in a different light and discover its hidden gems. Rent a bike for the whole day and see where it takes you—ride to a new breakfast spot or find a scenic route to ride along and enjoy the view. Make sure to wear some comfy jean short and your favorite t-shirt because you will sweat! Slip on some huaraches sandals to keep yourself comfy throughout the ride.
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