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Staycation Outfit

Staycation Outfit Inspiration

This pandemic has had a profound impact on the whole world. A major effect has been forcing everyone to remain inside their homes for many months, and it could last many more. Unfortunately, vacations elsewhere will have to be rescheduled. Instead, you will have to think of making the most out of this time at home.  So, as you continue to live within your walls, make sure that you have the right outfit for your staycation. Here are some outfit inspirations:

In case you want to spend your time outside and gardening: 

 The back and front yard has become the outdoor oasis to the closing walls of home. Gardening, outdoor decorating, outdoor sports and games, and outdoor cooking have become more popular during this time. Visiting local tourist spots and scenic areas are some other experiences you might have picked up during this quarantine. Wear cute shorts paired with pretty tank tops. The shoes should be something comfortable for outdoors. Huarache leather sandals are fresh, stylish, and comfortable; perfect for a staycation outfit.

Pool time:

The perfect outfit for a day at the pool varies greatly. However, the basics are true for every comfortable outfit. You will be spending time within the pool or tanning besides it. Regardless, a fashionable, yet comfortable swimsuit will be needed. Cover yourself with a vibrant coverup and match it with the perfect, fresh sandals. Your staycation outfit will be stylish and comfortable, perfect to stay at home or go out in public. 

For a small gathering: 

Being away from friends and family has been very hard. So why not make a small gathering in the yard, ofcourse, 6 feet apart? You will need the perfect, comfortable outfit. We recommend wearing a cute, breezy summer dress to create a party look with a comfortable staycation feeling.Wear huarache sandals paired with a fashionable hat and vibrant dangling earrings.

Lazy days: 

Sometimes you won’t want to do anything. That outfit for this type of mood has to be comfortable above all else to help you relax. Wear a comfy, warm pair of sweatpants with a cute top or sweater. Huarache sandals will be the perfect, easy pair of shoes to wear on this comfortable staycation. You can still look fashionable while being comfortable!

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