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How Men Can Wear Huaraches

How Men Can Wear Huaraches

Written by Carmenlucía Acosta on September 2nd, 2020


Recently, huarache sandals have gained popularity amongst men’s fashion, as they have become a staple shoe that every man should include in their wardrobe. This Mexican Ancient sandal has a rich and vast history, dating back to the days were Meso-American civilizations existed. Although today they are mainly worn during the spring and summertime, back then, Mexican natives used to wear them year-round for all types of activities.

At its basic level, huarache sandals are characterized by the woven leather body that shapes them. As comfortable and versatile as they can be, there is definitely a right and wrong way of styling them. The first big don’t: never with socks. 


     This lightweight and thin fabric is best known for its capacity of giving a fresh, cooling, and loose fit. Whether it's navy blue, white, beige, or even brown, linen, is definitely a very season limited fabric: spring and summer. Its microfibers let for more airflow than other fabrics, allowing your skin to breathe. 

     Huarache sandals are quite similar in that the woven leather also allows for airflow to pass by, keeping your feet cool, even in the warmest weather. For this reason, alongside the fact they both give that cool “Italian summer” vibe, linen and huaraches pair perfectly together. If you want to look sophisticated while keeping yourself fresh, this perfect duo is the way to go. 

Top: Mix and match different variations of white to give a fresh and clean look. Images downloaded from Pinterest. 


Top: You can either button-up or button-down your white shirt adding versatility to your clothes. Images downloaded from Pinterest. 

Simple. Classic. Elegant and Fresh. You can and will never go wrong with a button white shirt. This timeless piece has been widely used for different occasions throughout men’s fashion, however matching it with an equally timeless men’s shoe, a.k.a huarache sandals, is perfect for vacationing around or visiting some friends during the hot days, while maintaining an effortless cool. Why white? It pairs with every color imaginable. You can step out of your comfort zone and create unique combinations with different colored huarache sandals


There is something about huarache sandals and fedora hats that is fascinating and appealing. Although this type of hat is a very “50/50” piece in men’s fashion, as some people like them and some others hate them, the fact that they are versatile pieces is undeniable. Styled with huaraches, both go great together as they complement each other to elevate any look giving it a stylish touch. Although fedora hats vary in brim size and color we personally recommend going for a medium-sized, neutral tone, fedora hat, paired with the same, or similar, colored huarache sandals

Top: Fedora hats vary in size, brim, and color. Images downloaded from Pinterest.


Top: You can style any printed shirt by adding a basic white t-shirt underneath. Images downloaded from Pinterest. 

A floral printed shirt includes color and pattern into your outfit. Whether paired with trousers, jeans, or shorts, the combination of a printed shirt and huarache sandals gives your look a fun and playful touch. Regardless of your location, the tropical feel mixed with the sophistication of the leather, woven sandals, will help you achieve a confident yet relaxed overall look. 

As you start to incorporate huarache sandals into your daily outfits, you’ll realize they actually pair with many different pieces. Even if they are not your style, do not be afraid to purchase a pair and step out of your comfort zone. As they will definitely keep your feet comfortable! There is a reason why back in the day, these shoes were used for almost everything. Yes, even hunting and gathering.
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For huarache sizing we use whole numbers, so we recommend rounding down (i.e. if you’re a 9.5 get a 9).

Our leather and designs are made to stretch and mold around your feet to perfectly hug them for a snug fit. 

 Conversion Shoe Sizes

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