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How To Break In Your New Leather Sandals

How To Break In Your New Leather Sandals

The vibrant colors and perfect-intricate form of a new pair of leather sandals are unforgettable. However, this new sensation also comes with painful blisters, burns, and cuts. But don’t worry because these at-home remedies can turn your new huaraches from a temporary curse to a long-lasting blessing.  Breaking into your new pair of leather sandals does not have to be a painful process!

Buy a Shoe Stretcher

Although this method can take longer than others, buying a simple plastic or wooden shoe stretcher can drastically loosen and stretch your huaraches to help minimize your aching feet. Leave them overnight or rotate your shoes and wear them only every other day and stretch in-between wears. You can get your stretchers at Amazon available for under $20. You can also slightly damp a newspaper (not soak because wet newspaper will damage the sole of the shoe) and crumple it up inside shoes to help naturally stretch the leather.

Use Heat 

Leather is super malleable when subjected to high temperatures. Holding a hairdryer over the parts of your leather shoe that are tight and uncomfortable can help loosen leather and stretch it slightly. Once you are done, let the huarache cool before putting it back on your feet. Shoes with studs or metal detailing can get extremely hot, so make sure to be extra careful with these. 


The spoon technique

Using the back of a spoon and rigorously working it into the heel of the shoe resembles your heel. Performing this motion on any other parts of the shoe that are rubbing or cutting can also work. This will help soften the leather much faster so you can wear your new leather sandals without the worry of rashes or blisters.

These techniques will allow you to wear your huaraches sooner and not have to endure the consequences of a new pair of tight leather sandals. Blisters, burns, rashes, and cuts will be severely minimized if you loosen your shoes before you wear them. Brake in your sandals and enjoy your beautiful feet.

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