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The Best Slip-On Sandals for Men

The Best Slip-On Sandals for Men

Written by Suleth Villeda on August 21, 2020


Have you been wanting to spice up your style yet aren’t willing to compromise with the lack of comfort? The answer you have been looking for might just be in these fashionable slip-ons for men. Huaraches have been a part of Mexico’s fashion since its ancient civilizations prospered. In recent years, the shoes' uniqueness and convenience has been spotlighted in the men’s fashion industry. But why are huaraches known to be the best slip-on sandals for men? 



The men’s fashion industry has been growing and evolving throughout the years. It went from classic to greasers to disco to what we have today. Today’s men's fashion can only be described in one word, diverse. Because there are so many styles and ways to look good, it is harder to stand out. However, one thing is for certain, the more unique your style is, the more attention you will receive. Huaraches complex yet minimalistic design makes this shoe the perfect eye-catching garment. These slip-ons come in multiple colors designs. Nonetheless, any design you choose will be honoring the genuine, organic design that originated in the pre-colombian history of Mexico. Wearing huaraches will give you an exotic touch. 


Huaraches have such a versatile design that they can be paired with any style; whether it's casual or dressy. So whenever you can’t decide on what shoe will complete your outfit, these slip-ons are sure to do the job. 


The design of the huarache has been used by the natives and rural workers of Mexico for thousands of years. These people would spend multiple hours in the sun and travel hundreds of miles navigating through rough terrains. Thankfully, genuine huarache artisans have conserved the comfortable and durable design held by these slip on sandals. The breathable design gives you enough room for your toes to rest comfortably. The leather adjusts to perfectly frame the shape of your foot. The soft cushion on the base of the huarache protects your foot from harsh impacts and molds to the shape of the arc on your foot. Men’s shoes have never been so comfortable. 


As I previously mentioned, huaraches are extremely durable. But why is that? It is because these slip-on sandals are made out of the best quality. Espiritu Culture is an excellent representation of the greatest quality of huaraches; here it their process and materials: 


  • They begin by cutting vegetable tanned leather into precise measured pieces. 
  • The leather pieces are then mounted on the shoe last to give each leather huarache sandal the perfect fit.
  • Their shoes are made snug and the sole is made larger to account for stretching. 
  • Then their team of Mexican artisans weave the leather into the final shape of our huaraches 
  • Finally, the soles are attached and the leather is polished for an ending touch. 
  • Their huarache shoes are ethically made and handcrafted by Native Mexican Artisans. 


  • Genuine leather helps for painless stretching
  • Cushioned soles for extra comfort
  • Anti-slip, recycled rubber soles that last over 10 years
  • Vegetable-based dyes

By wearing huaraches, you will be taking part in helping thousands of artisans in Mexico improve their families life style and promote the beauty and craftsmanship of Mexican culture. In addition, your wardrobe will gain a more unique and fashionable look as well as durable comfort. Next time you look for slip-on sandals, make sure to try huaraches.

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For huarache sizing we use whole numbers, so we recommend rounding down (i.e. if you’re a 9.5 get a 9).

Our leather and designs are made to stretch and mold around your feet to perfectly hug them for a snug fit. 

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