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What You Need to Know About Vegetable Tanning

Written by Cecilia Otero on August 10th 2020   Vegetable tanning is an ancient method of creating beautiful, long lasting leather that is  distinguished by its durability and craftsmanship. But wha...

Our Top 5 Favorite Hispanic Recipes

Hispanic cuisine is undeniably one of the most distinguishable in the world. Its depth of flavors and spices leads to a variety of colorful dishes that celebrate its heritage. By tasting any Hispa...

Why is Arch Support so Important?

Problems between the joints and the bones throughout the body can be traced back to foot problems. One of least known features of the foot,  the arch, is one of the most important structures for fo...

How Are Huaraches Made?

Written by Cecilia Otero on August 31st, 2020   The production of Mexican sandals is a centuries-old tradition that starts with high quality leather and ends with beautiful, comfortable, durable sh...

The Nostalgia Behind Huaraches

Written by Paloma Quevedo on August 8th, 2020   Some shoes are an integral part of a country’s heritage. A pair of shoes can be a window into a country’s culture and its people, a reflection of whe...

The Untold History of Huaraches

Looking back at the traditional Mexican sandals: the history of these handmade shoes (also known as huarache) date back to pre-colonial eras.
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