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Why is Arch Support so Important?

Why is Arch Support so Important?

Problems between the joints and the bones throughout the body can be traced back to foot problems. One of least known features of the foot,  the arch, is one of the most important structures for foot health.The arch is a vital element for both mobility and comfort, as well as a contributor to overall body health.  

What are arches? 

There are three arches that make up the foot, each of which is supported by various ligaments and tendons. These arches consist of two longitudinal, medial and lateral, arches and one anterior transverse arch made up of both metatarsal and tarsal bones. The incredible structure gives the feet the ability to serve as a spring, a shock absorbent, and a bearer of the body’s full weight. These small and delicate parts of your feet are actually vital in properly distributing the pressure that is absorbed in every step you take. Additionally, they help facilitate movement, like running and walking, by adding more flexibility to your feet as well as helping you adapt to different types of terrain, stabilize movement, and create balance. 

Arch Support

Now that you have a little more knowledge as to why the arch is so important for foot support, this is why you need arch support. Arch support can be built in the form of arch support inserts or be built into the shoe to provide foot support. Arch support will help you eliminate foot pain by protecting your foot from everyday impact. 

The purpose for arch support can be traced back to many years ago. Humans were created to walk along softer surfaces, like sand and dirt. These would help the foot naturally gain arch support because of the way it fills in in the curves of the foot, contouring our feet. Thousands of years ago, arch support wasn’t a problem. However, as the ground we walk on has continued to evolve into more rigid, unforgiving surfaces, the need for shoes with arch support has increased. The ground we walk on today does not naturally contour the foot. So our feet try to contour the ground, triggering a chain reaction of collapse that extends from our feet through to our knees and up to our backs. This reaction can cause a number of different foot problems or pain, such as overpronation and plantar fasciitis. That is why footwear with adequate arch support is crucial for foot health.

Benefits of Arch Support: 

  1. Shoes with arch support can increase your orthopedic comfort
  2. Arch support can help promote blood flow and reduce swelling in your ankles and feet. 
  3. Adequate foot support can help to reduce foot, arch, and heel pain.
  4. You don’t have to sacrifice style for support!
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